Myofascial Release Treatment in Ichikawa, Chiba

Myofascial Release Treatment in Chiba

Our therapists are world-class myocascial release technicians.
our therapist was taught directly from authentic Italian doctors.
In japan, only a little therapist have qualifications

what is myofascial release treatment?

In fact, “fascia” has not been studied until recently.
Fascia is a tissue that has only been studied for a short time.
it is “a network of thin membranes that cover the entire body.
Along with the nervous and vascular systems, it is considered one of the three major networks.

Nervous, vascular, and fascial systems.”

Since it is stretched over the entire body, it is connected to various organs and tissues such as internal organs, blood vessels, and nerves, as well as muscles and bones.
Until now, “anatomy” has not received much attention because it was studied from the state where the fascia was removed.
It is now being reevaluated and is even referred to as “the second skeleton for supporting the body.

Fascia is mainly composed of

Collagen fibers
Elastin fibers
and elastin fibers.

Thanks to fascia, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves can move without interfering with each other too much.

What are the benefits of an approach to fascia?

Fascia in good condition acts as a lubricant to prevent interference of movement between tissues.
However, due to daily habits, sedentary posture, and lack of exercise, fascia loses moisture and becomes stiff.

This is called “densification of fascia.

When this condition occurs, movement between muscles and between muscles, nerves, and blood vessels becomes difficult, resulting in

1: Pain
2: Muscle weakness
3: Restriction of joint movement
4: Decreased sense of body position
5: Decreased balance function
6: Decreased performance

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which pain can occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the fascia “adjusted” to a good condition in order to make daily life comfortable and to prevent pain.

How can I get my fascia in good condition?

Restore the state of the fascia.
In other words, to eliminate dense myofascia, we need to

Warming + massage it

is important.

The most important thing is to apply the massage to “the point where the densification of myofascia is occurring.

Therefore, the best method is to have a specialist perform the myofascial adjustment by hand.

can we trust Myofascial adjustments?

It is a “treatment technique” that has never existed before, so there is a certain stench about it, isn’t there?

Our clinic is
It is a technique that is being researched by Italian doctors and physiotherapists.
Recently, more and more papers have been published showing that it is effective.

The fascial system, the largest system in the body, is the only tissue in contact with all other systems.”
(Pischinger, 2000)

Myofascial Release Improved Vascular Endothelial Function and Reduced Atherosclerosis.
Acute Effects of Self-Myofascial Release Using a Foam Roller on Arterial Function 
Takanobu Okamoto J strength Cond Res 2014

Role of Fasciae in Nonspecific Low Back Pain
Gulia Casato Carla Stecc 2019

As you can see, more and more detailed data is being published in more recent years.

Our therapists are internationally certified by the “Myofascial Manipulation Association,” which has published the most advanced research in the world.
are performing the treatment.


Those who are interested in myofascial manipulation for pain relief.
Those who have tried various other treatment methods, but their symptoms have not improved.
Those who want to do something about this pain
We may be able to help you.

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